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Words from my Mother: "You don't have a dancer's body."

"You don't have a dancer's body."

That's what she told me. Over and over.

I "don't have a swimmer's body." either, apparently.

Those were just a few of the body-shaming daily reminders I got from my mother while growing up under her reign. I wanted to be a dancer. I wanted to be a swimmer. I wanted to be myself. She didn't want that.

My body was not "right" in my mom's eyes. So I believed her.

For decades, I've struggled with body dysmorphia. Years later, it developed into an eating disorder after much trauma. I can say that I am in recovery at 26. It's still a daily battle, but I live with it and it doesn't control me anymore. I've put my body through some awful, destructive shit to be honest. When your whole life, you mom tells you that your body isn't ok and you need to actively do things to try and make it "right", that's what you do..You listen to Mom. Mom is always right. You do what she…

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