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If My Dad were here today..

.    The past week of so has been particularly rough as it was the year anniversary of my Dad's suicide. I really wasn't sure how to approach it, what to feel, or what to do. All that I knew was that I was particularly hurting. Looking at pictures with him made me break down into tears. Hearing his name mentioned was extra painful. I felt even more sensitive and fragile about the loss.

I think the part that hurt the most was that he wasn't here to see everything finally tuning up. He was always so proud of his daughters and everything we did. He was there through a lot of the bad and really saw a lot of my lowest points the past few years. I wish he was here to see me soar again.

It pained me to think that he couldn't be here to see me finally happy, genuinely happy. I wanted to share that with him more than anything instead of the pain and darkness he saw me battle.

So I wanted to write a little bit about what I wish I could share/experience with him today:

Finally Li…

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