Things You Should Know About Me If You're Going to Get Close to Me

I feel like when when I meet new people and start getting close that I need a disclaimer warning them of things so I don't have to explain it all. If I were to write a disclaimer it would be things you should know about me if you're going to be my friend or try to get close to me:
  1. I'm writing a memoir.
  2. I'm an INFJ to a T
  3. Some days I'm social. Sometimes I'm a hermit. 
  4. I have Bipolar disorder.
  5. I have scars but I'm not ashamed of them.
  6.  I'm recovering from an eating disorder
  7. As much as I try, I still fuck up and do stupid things sometimes.
  8. Sometimes, I'm too trusting for my own good. 
  9. I can be very gullible.
  10. Social interactions wear me out easily.
  11. I ignore my phone for hours are a time. It doesn't mean I'm mad at you. I just can't interact.
  12. If I'm over stimulated or too anxious, I will leave an event and sometimes without saying goodbye,
  13. I'm still working on having a sense of self.
  14. If I will actually talk on the phone with you, that means you are pretty special to me, because I am usually terrified of talking on the phone. If I FaceTime or Skype you. you are even more special. 
  15. You can ask me just about anything about me and my story and I will tell you.
  16. If I cry around you, that means two things: I feel safe around you and (2) I'm in bad shape. 
  17. Sometimes I am overly optimistic.
  18. If I am taking on too much at a time, don't be afraid to tell me, otherwise I will burn myself out.
  19. I'm quiet a lot of the time and that's okay. Don't tell me to talk. It pushes me away.
  20. Be genuine. I can sense when someone is fake from far away.

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