Memoir Title Announced!

I have finally decided on a title for my memoir that Ive been working on!

I decided on "Defiant Silence: The Chelsey Sidler Story"

here are just a few things that the book will be about:

I plan on it being published in 2017. Hopefully things go well and I can stick to that timeline. I am certain I can do this and am excited to document everything I've been through that way others don't have to and can learn from my story. 

Between eating disorder issues, abuse, being in the closet, and some failed suicide attempts, I have a plethora of stories that I need to get out there. The concept of me writing a memoir has been in the picture for the past few years but is finally becoming a reality.

I can use all the support I can get. so if you have a second, check out my gofundme or pass the word along. Anything helps, really.

I couldn't even think of writing a memoir if it hadn't been for the huge amount of support I get from this blog. You guys have made me love writing even more and have made me realize that I can grow from these struggles. 

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