Sidler Art | "The Closet Bully" 9/12 Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

Chelsey Sidler-Lartey | Sidler Art- The Closet Bully
"The Closet Bully" 9x12 Mixed Media

I was bullied most of my life by someone incredibly close to me. The bullying took place behind closed doors and in hushed tones. The bully still haunts my nightly nightmares. I'm trying to recover but that voice is engrained in my mind. It's something I'm slowly learning to gain power back from. Of course, I still deal with trauma-related issues from my years of abuse but know in the end it has made me a stronger and kinder person because of it. This painting represents that force in my life that was seemingly harmless to others but was subtly hostile to my sensitive self.

Here's to the future and continuing to gain pawer back from that evil force in my life. Each day I get stronger. Each day I become more confident in myself. Each day I realize I'm not what my bully said I was. 

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