Baltimore 2015

Every year since we've been married, my wife and I have been lucky enough to go see my hometown and all of my friends and family in Baltimore. I swear each time we go, it gets better. This trip was the longest we were there and we packed a lot in. We met up with all my best friends from high school at a crab feast (for everyone else but us vegans). These guys have stuck with me through everything and I love getting to see them every year. We even got to meet up a second time, for once. I can't wait to move back there and see them even more.

We visited our favorite married lesbian couple up in Delaware where they showed us around the lovely Rehoboth beach. Oddly enough, we know each other because I went to Mormon Girl's Camp with Meg for a few summers. Now we are both tattooed, pierced, ex-mormon, married lesbians. Crazy how much things have changed. We both miss them already.

Downtown, we made many museum stops like the Maryland Science Center, Museum of Industry, and American Visionary Museum (my favorite). It was definitely very inspiring and gave me more inspiration for painting. Charlotte was a hoot at the Science Center since she is such a Leo and loves getting into things and we both are nerds for learning. 

 I took Charlotte to my favorite hiking spot in Maryland (in Rocks State Park).  Mind you, Char got spooked by something in the bushes and we ended up running/tripping halfway down the trail to our car, but it was a lovely hike.

At Baltimore Pride, we got to see all of my supportive friends that I love so much. 

My favorite part was spending time with my grandparents.  They have been incredibly supportive throughout everything. I love them dearly and can't wait until we move closer to the east coast. 

Overall, our trip to Baltimore was lovely. We had a really  enjoyable trip.

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