I'm Married, not "Gay Married".

My wife and I gay wake up and gay get ready to gay go to work everyday. At the end of the day, we gay drive home and gay cook dinner in our gay house. We gay love each other and gay kiss each other. We gay care for each other and love our flaming gay life together in our gay marriage.

 I'm not "Gay" married. I'm just married. It's not that hard to understand. You're not "Christian" married, "White" married, "Cat-loving" married, etc, etc, etc. You are simply Married.

 I don't want gay marriage for everyone, I just want marriage equality.

Being gay doesn't mean I have to label everything in my life as such. I'm attracted to girls. That doesn't affect everything I do. My life is fairly normal and the only differences between my marriage and yours is that my spouse is the same gender and that my marriage is actually being fought against in numerous places across the globe.

"Fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself." (yes, it's from Harry Potter).

It's not GAY marriage. It's marriage.

At the end of the day, I come home to the spouse that I am ever so in love with. Our marriage certificate is simply that - a marriage certificate. It hangs in our room as a blessed reminder of the day we became united by law and proclaimed our love and devotion to each other while receiving the recognition as being a united entity.

I can't wait to celebrate our 2 year anniversary this year as a married couple, not a "gay"-married couple.

In a nutshell, we are married. We want marriage equality to not be a battle but to be something that our children grow up knowing is part of life. I long for the day that children grow up in a world where marriage equality is fact and not a huge debasing debate.


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