LDS Views: You can overcome being gay

The Elders of the LDS church have hackneyed the hell out of the phrase "same-gender attraction". They are nearly terrified of the word "gay" and it is rarely part of their vocabulary. It is taught that one can overcome "same-gender attraction" through being obedient and doing all of the standard day-to-day acts that are supposed to get someone into heave (i.e. read the scriptures, be faithful, never doubt, pray all the time).  Here is what one of the most esteemed Elders said on the subject:

"Through the exercise of faith, individual effort, and reliance upon the power of the Atonement, some may resolve same-gender attraction in mortality and marry."   Jeffrey R. Holland in the October 2007 LDS General Conference. (source)

Despite numerous studies showing how gay conversion therapy does NOT work and that sexuality is not something that needs to be cured, the religion stands by that claim. I personally tried this formula for a cure while at BYU, and it obviously didn't work. I am still very much only attracted to women and am even married to one. If anything, all of that praying and being churchy made me more confident in my sexuality. Ironic, eh?

I find it deeply disheartening that people are being told that they should try to "overcome" their sexuality instead of accepting it and learning to love themselves. I learned all too well how damaging it can be to be in the closet and try to force oneself to be someone you're not.

If you are questioning, please just turn to yourself, not the misguided religion that won't even use the word "gay". There is NOTHING wrong with you, nothing that needs to be changed, and nothing to fix. Be Yourself.

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