I Tried to Kill Myself This November

I tried to kill myself this November. 

It was almost successful, but apparently, my body puts up a hell of a fight even when my clouded mind doesn't want to. I so desperately wanted it to end, but wound up in the ICU, still alive. Then there were complications that had me on my deathbed from my suicide attempt. Between the two hospitalizations and near-death moments, I survived. 

It completely changed my perspective. I am really grateful to be alive. There were numerous times that could have ended in my death, but my body pulled through each time. Somehow, my mind wanted to keep going, even though I didn't. 

I know it's not going to be an easy life. I know I will have to deal with Bipolar Disorder for the rest of my life. I know there will be dark days ahead, but I can make it. I want to live. I want to triumph over these struggles. I have already  and know I can continue to do so. 
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