The Unnecessary Fiasco: Here We Go...

Chelsey Sidler-Lartey Designs

   I hadn't seen them since I left Baltimore and everything happened. My mom bore a mischievously evil grin as she walked into our house. I had seen that face before, the look-at-me-I'm-in-control-and-am-going-to-show-you-how-powerful-I-am look. Smug. That's all I could see as she leaned in and said, "Are you not going to hug us?"

I half-assed gave them sideways hugs as they came in and eye raped our tiny apartment. Once they took a seat, they commenced the obligatory small talk and said how cute our dogs were.

"We know you two are both good girls. We are just...worried," Charlotte's (gentle-hearted and soft-spoken) father uttered.

"You are a completely different person now, Chelsey. Especially lately. All of this,"  my traitor of a dad said as he avoided eye contact with me.

Well, no shit Dad. I am dealing with learning about my mental illnesses while struggling to come out of the closet to you two assholes. 

My mom chimed in, "We know this isn't who you really are."

Here we go...

"You've been skipping classes, not taking your meds, having anxiety issues, and I am worried that you are becoming bipolar. I always told you there's a chance you could have it since it runs in my side of the family. We need to get you help."

"Mom, I am taking care of all of that. I have been managing everything by myself this whole time. That's not why you are here though. I'm not stupid."

"We just know this isn't who you are and can get this under control."

"My sexuality or my mental problems, Mom? Like I said, I have been responsible in taking care of myself. All of this isn't helping though. And this IS who I am."

"Your parents are just worried about your health and well-being. They are just trying to help," Char's dad added.

"But, I don't need their help. I told you guys not to do this. I told you not to come out here. I told you to give me my space while things settle down. But here you are anyway."

"We had to, Chelsey. You gave us no choice. How you've been acting is completely out of the ordinary for you and we are really worried about you."

Bullshit, Mom.

"You don't even know who I am, Mom! You can't accept it. I am fine! There is nothing wrong with me!"

"But you aren't fine, Chelsey. Something is going on because this isn't who you are."

Was she seriously equating my sexuality to an mental illness? and calling me mental in front of Charlotte's parents? and making it seems like this is all because my mental issues? I'm fucking gay, not psychotic.

"We think you need some time to sort things out. We have talked about it and decided you need to take a break from BYU."

I couldn't hold back my tears of anger anymore.

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