The Unnecessary Fiasco: Dreaded Knock on Our Door

Chelsey Sidler-Lartey

Nearly every night after my parents confronted me about living with Charlotte, I would dream about my parents coming out here and outing everything, ruining lives, and cutting me off. No more dreams of make-belive monsters. These were real. My deepest fears would evolve into the most terrifying nightmares. Most nights I would wake up covered in sweat and to Charlotte's voice whispering my name as she pulled me away from the beckoning nightmare. It was just a dream.

Until that dream came to life.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Elliott, the chihuahua mutt, lunged towards the door while obnoxiously barking. I scooped her up as her bark softened into a gentle cry of anticipation. Charlotte picked up the new, little ball of wrinkles and stood in the hallway as she looked confusedly towards the door. We hadn't been expecting company and we weren't necessarily the biggest socialites, either.

Her parents came in the door as soon as it opened. I could see the panic on my girlfriend's face as her strict-Mormon parents walked into our forbidden abode. They took a seat and started talking about how much they loved Charlotte and myself. The elephant stood there as their voices drowned on.

"Are Chelsey's parents here?" my wife asked. She could see it in their eyes.

"They are just waiting for us to text them and tell them to come in," her mom answered.

We were betrayed. Of course what I told them not to do, they had to do. They never did listen.

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